Music and the #BetterDude

At the Back Alley, we take the element of music seriously. The concept of a #BetterDude entails specificity in every aspect of his lifestyle, including the songs and musicality that he appreciated. That’s why we have four avenues where we express this mindset:



We have three playlists on Spotify, with each being updated on a monthly basis. These can be looked up at spotify:user:backalleybarbershop

Includes tracks from the seminal 70’s, new wave 80’s, and the alternative 90s:

A mix of alternative picks from the past decade to the present.

A compilation of the songs we use in our Sunday music posts at our Instagram (@backalleybarbershop)



We have selections from the jazz complexity of Coltrane, to the enduring energy of The Rolling Stones, and the calm mixes of Robert Glasper.


Sharper Mixes

Electro and techno mixes by Back Alley’s Owens Sun, played at 6pm to 9pm at The Back Alley and The Village Barber. These can be explored at our page at Soundcloud


Movement at TIME

Our house event at TIME in Manila (Makati City) featuring the seminal Allen and Heath V6 Rotary Mixers. Held every first Friday of the month.

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